Let's Play Pop It Fidget Toy | It's Color Changing!

Pop It! The sales pitch for this 2021 trending toy is that it is a stress reliever like the Fidget Spinner. 

"It was so satisfying!" said my daughter.

We ordered the one that changes color. It is available in different shapes and designs like round, unicorn and butterfly. The color was translucent and when placed outside under the sun, it changes its color to pink- the top half at least! The thing with cheap toys and buying it online is that you will never know what you will be receiving ; p

As soon as you take the Pop It toy inside, the color changes back to normal... bummer!

For a bargain price of PhP88, you will receive a silicone pop fidget which makes a great sensory tool that you can well, fidget again and again, and again ; )

The size is approximately 14 x 17 x 3 cm

No more popping the bubble wrap when you have your own bubble fidget ; )

How to use Pop It Fidget Toy:

  1. Press the bubble down, you will hear a pop
  2. Repeat until you finish popping all the bubble
  3. Turn it upside down and start again!

What I like about it is that children can play with it over and over again because it is reusable. And because it is made out of silicone, you can wash it after each use. 

You may watch the video of my daughter playing with her own Pop Its. Make sure that you turn on your sound! #ASMR

You may purchase Pop Its at Shopee!

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