Shopee Budol Time | Women's Flat (Square Toe) Shoes Edition

It is almost Shopee 8.15 sale. What's in your shopping cart?

My cart was full of flat shoes from the last sale and I gladly check them all out ; p I bought 5 pairs of women's flat shoes #sorrynotsorry

And without further ado, I am showing them all to you with Shopee Budol links, of course...

This is comfortable to wear but since it is too thick than your usual slides, you might trip if you are not used to wearing it. I wore it before for my workout routine because of its cushiony sole but the slides was rubbing on the sides of my foot. So, I just used it whenever I have errands or for walking exercise. 

Red and Beige

These two pairs are so nice. It looks like Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Slides Sandals dupes. I won't say they are so comfy to wear because they are too flat but it's nice to have them as everyday slippers as they look stylish when worn. 

Hermes Slippers in Yellow for only PhP 562- dupe of Hermes Oran Sandal Slides

This pair is pretty neat. It looks legit, it even has an embossed Hermes brand logo on the soles of the slides. The pair is sturdy and true to size. I was able to wear it when we went to La Union. I walked on rocks and stones on our way to grape picking area and it survived. Not the comfiest but it's cheap fashion. 

Square Toe Tubular Slides at PhP275 in Black

The tubes are not tightly close to each other so some tubes might be separated with each other depending on the form of your feet. I have not worn this yet for a long time so I can't tell you if it is comfortable to wear over longer period. But I like its color, very minimalistic and versatile. You can pair this with shorts or jeans. You can even wear it around the house!

Let me know which ones you added to your cart!

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