Globe GPlan 599 with GCash 4200 Credit | How to Avail Online + Tips + Timeline + Experience

Yey! Received my GCash Credit via GPlan

I finally received my PhP4,200 GCash credit from Globe by simply renewing my GPlan 599 contract term (24months)! What did I do?! How long is the process?

First things first... 

GCash credit will be credited to an active GCash account linked to your GPlan mobile number. It is not transferrable.  

Tip #1: Connect your GCash to your GlobeOne account. In your GCash app, click PROFILE (lower RIGHT) then My Linked Accounts, in the drop down menu, you may link GlobeOne (encircled).

If you don't link your GCash with your GlobeOne via GCash app, you will be in a loop and won't be getting a reference number at all and your application will never be processed. 

GPlan with GCash 4200

  • 2GB of data
  • Unli All-Net Texts
  • Unli All-Net Calls, Call to DUO and Landline
  • Free Konsulta MD (Individual Subscription)
  • Free GInsure (FREE 3 months COVID-19 & Dengue Coverage from Singlife)

Other GPlan 599 available to choose from:

  • SIM-Only
  • with Gcash (4,200)
  • SIM-Only All Data
  • with Device

Now that you have chosen your GPlan renewal from the list above, you may open your GlobeOne app (old one). 

Tip#2: Check your Contract Expiry.
Click Plan Details (lower left). 

Timeline | Contract Renewal Begins on September 27, 2021

  • September 1- start of renewal application
  • September 9-approval of application
  • September 27- new contract begins
  • September 28- GCash PhP4200 credited

When I applied last September 1st, my monthly billing cycle just started. So, naturally, I have to wait a little longer for the cycle to lapse and for the contract renewal to begin. I received the GCash credit a day after my my new contract was implemented... yes!

Tip#3:My Globe contract is under another person's name but I was still able to receive my GCash credit in my account. A Globe customer service called to confirm all our details before our application status on GlobeOne was approved. 

Happy that I don't have to step out of the house to renew my GPlan. Everything can be done online if you follow all my tips!

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