MrsMartinez Weight Loss Journey | 2021 Edition

Latest Update On My Weight Loss Journey

It has been awhile since I last updated weight loss journey. I maintained my weight at 106lbs for over a year now. My waist is now down to 27 inch. One more inch and I have the same waistline as Ms. Canada Nova Steven's 26-inch waistline ; p

I exercise at least five times a week. I give myself a break or two in between. I realized that it is very important to take a break from rigorous workouts. You will definitely feel recharged and pumped when you return back to your routine. 

I have been getting a lot of private messages in my Instagram account (@xoxoMrsMartinez) regarding what Youtube videos I am currently following. So, I am writing this entry now. 

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I am concentrating on my back, arms and continuously working on my abs areas. Here's the list of my non-negotiable videos that I do every time I exercise. These four videos are what I do on a regular basis. I add four to five more depending on my mood. 

Four Youtube Arms, Back and Abs Video Links:

If you are still feeling pumped and want to add some more exercise videos, here's another list of exercises you can add to your daily routine:

Always remember to love your body. Always aim for progress and not perfection. Share your weight loss journey with me by commenting down below. I hope to inspire even one person to have a fit and healthy body. 

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