Waist Trimmer & Body Shaper Review Experience + Body Update

Get Your Waist Back

You all know about my weight loss journey. If you have not read about it, I suggest you read my entries here. I started my weight loss journey last December 2019. From 132lbs, I am now down to 106lbs. I achieved my lowest weight last year at104lbs.

photos taken September 2021

For years, I have been struggling with weight loss. I am top heavy and my waist was nowhere to be found haha But with will and determination, here I am, recommending products that helped me to finally found my waist. I hope to inspire you to have a healthy lifestyle and motivate you to be fit as well. 

Show off Your Waist

Currently, my waist measures 27 inches as shown in photo below. I will write another post on what Youtube exercise videos I follow religiously to claim my waist back 🤪

So, what's my secret to a slimmer and curvier body?

One of the few things I bought for losing weight was a Waist Twisting Disc🙏 Whenever I feel like not doing any exercise for the day and just binge watch on my favorite Korean Drama (K-Drama), I get on this platform and then twist left and right with bended knees.  


At only PhP199, this magnet balance rotating fitness core waist twisting disc for weight loss can help you claim your waist back while watching TV. You can buy it here

I balanced on it for at least 30 minutes, twisting to my left and right. More time is spent on the waist twisting disc if the TV show I am watching is starring my favorite oppa. I promise, this is gonna be fun and a good exercise!

Waist Body Shaper

Another thing that helped me cinch my waist is this Waist Trimmer Body Shaper💜 It is so cheap at  PhP 45 for the 11 rows. There's 13 rows at PhP 69. I am using 13 rows in the photo because there was no option for 11 rows option before. I bought it for PhP 89. You can wear it over your exercise clothes while doing your morning routine and daily chores around the house 😝 

The body shaper has 4 bones- 2 in front and 2 at the back so it won't roll down. I bought 3 of these abdominal binders, the latest was bought just last November. Only Medium size is available in the shop where I bought these. I have to find a smaller size to continue improving the shape of my body. I am hoping to lose at least 1 more inch. Yes, greedy much but I want a 26-in waist line hahaha

If you have been practicing stomach vacuum, this abdominal binder can help by wearing it a few hours a day. it can help you achieve a a curvy body and at the same time improve your posture. 

You can buy the body/waist shaper or abdominal binder here



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