Hizon's Mocha Cake | Review

 There are a lot of cakes (old and new ones!) that we tried but my family keeps on going back to the classic taste of Mocha cake from Hizon's. 

The photo attached is from my recent order. It is a regular Mocha cake. The square size is 12x12x3. It costs ₱1,850. 

Also available in Round and Rectangle shapes. There are also other flavors to choose from but we always stick to the OG flavor which is the best amongst the other mocha cakes that I have tasted. 

The cake almost always lasts for only two days🤭. We would eat it all by then because that's how good it is. It is soft and moist, never dry 👌

Writing about it now makes me crave for more even if we just finished it all last weekend 😁

To order, I just send a message to their FB page. They are pretty responsive. They will acknowledge your payment and would remind you of your pickup schedule a day prior. It is a hassle-free booking 🌸

Don't forget to book a car express delivery and not a motorcycle for when you schedule a pick up of your order. 

Note: Request for Star to write the lettering on your cake 💓

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