The Empress Dining Palace | Review

Sharing with you our delightful experience at The Empress Dining Palace in BGC where we celebrated my dad's birthday 🌸

We were impressed during our first visit last January 1 that we decided to celebrate my dad's birthday (March 9) at this authentic Cantonese restaurant again 👌

There's a 15-minute holding time for reservation because the place is almost always full of families dining out on a weekend. I really like the ambiance of this restaurant. Posting our family pics so you can see the inside of the restaurant.

Upon ordering a Birthday Noodle, we were informed that they offer a 20% discount on our total bill if we're celebrating a birthday... Yey! What a nice surprise! 👏

We ordered the usual-

✅Peking Duck 2-way ₱2900- must order!
✅Crispy Seafood Noodle with Assorted Mushrooms ₱630 which my daughter really loves!💓
✅Suahe ₱880- as fresh as you can get 🌸
✅Wintermelon soup ₱680
✅Sweet and Sour Pork ₱530- my favorite and would not miss this!
✅Braised Garoupa with Beancurd and Mushroom in Casserole ₱780
✅Carrot Cake ₱200
✅Yam Dumplings ₱220
✅ Chrysanthemum Tea ₱150

The service was great. Orders came out in as fast as 15 minutes. Waiters were attentive to our needs like drinking warm water, pouring the tea, serving the soup, packing the sliced cakes. We even left the takeaways with the restaurant and picked it up at a later time. 👌

Our bill came to ₱6970. We received a discount of ₱1244.64 Service Charge is ₱497.86
🌸We only paid ₱6073.86 🌸

I highly recommend this restaurant 🤑

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