Ramen Butcher opens in Manila | Review + Experience

Ramen Butcher is on its Soft Opening today. My family and I had lunch there. 

It is located along Sct. Tobias. Parking along the perimeter of the restaurant is available. I think it can accommodate 15 or more cars. 

The industrial feel of the interior is pretty nice- high ceiling complete with 2 decorative ceiling fans and drop lights. 

On to the food, 5-pc Chicken Karaage Original (₱480) tasted bland and super oily. It was not tasty and the skin was not crunchy/crispy. We had it changed but for the second time, it was still the same. The harina can still be seen in some parts of the skin as evident in the photo. The meat was tender though. 

For the Gyoza Original (₱250), it lacks presentation parang direct from fryer to plate. Taste-wise, it was okay. Sauce needs more vinegar.

Please note that not all items on the menu are available. There's only 2 or 3 ramen options available. We ordered Basic Chashu (₱388) and Shoyu (₱520). The former has creamy broth while the latter has clear broth. 

There's so little meat, more on fats on both orders. You can zoom in on our orders to find the meat 😂. 

If I am not mistaken, I read that there's one order per person note on the menu. Now, this is not new nor surprising to me because when I went to Taipei, Taiwan last November, most of the restaurants and coffee shops indicated this policy. 

There's enough staff for the whole restaurant but it was hard to get their attention as they are mostly pooled on one side of the restaurant. There was this sort of huge divider at the center of the restaurant where if you are on the other side, it will be hard to get their attention to the point that I told my daughter to get up and request for extra spoons for the one (1) complimentary coffee jelly they served per table. 

Anyway, let me reiterate that the restaurant is still on its soft opening. I say give it a few more days or weeks so they can improve. 

🌸 xoxo, MrsMartinez 🌸

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