Etude House: Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red #4

UPDATE: I recently tried L'Oreal X-Tenso Setting/Digital Perm at Bangs Prime Salon Tomas Morato. Read my experience here.

After experiencing my very first professional hair color at Hair Asia last July, I think it's about time that I try and learn how to apply hair color on my own. Why? Because I can't afford to pay PhP2, 500 every three months ; p You see, the thing with having a red hair color treatment is that the red pigment washes away after every bath, only brown pigment remains.  

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red (#4) Php 378

I bought Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in SM Megamall over a month ago but I could not muster enough courage to apply the hair color. I fear that I might end up with damaged hair, uneven color or worse the color would not match what is on the box. But today, I decided to just do it lol

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red (#4) contained:

  • Hair coloring sachet #1
  • Hair coloring bottle #2
  • A resealable packaging that includes a plastic cape, a pair of gloves, Silky Perfumed Treatment sachet and a Korean instruction manual

 cape, Silky Perfumed Treatment, gloves and Korean instruction manual

Wearing the gloves is kinda tricky, it could not fit in my tiny hands lol

 mix the sachet in the pump container

STEP 1: After twisting off the cap of Bubble Hair Coloring sachet, pour the entire content (#1) into the bottle (#2).

 bubble hair coloring mixture

There is a liquid inside the pump bottle. After pouring in the content of the sachet, the color changes. I don't know about the other colors but the Wine Red mixture turned dark.

 tilting the mixture from side to side
 do not shake

STEP 2: Tilt the bottle from side to side. Do not shake the mixture. The plastic bottle got warm as I did it.

purple bubbles

STEP 3: Get ready to pump some bubbles.

part hair then apply bubbles

STEP 4: Apply over parted hair. I sectioned my hair so that the hair color is spread evenly in front and at the back.

Tip #1: I read somewhere that it's best to put the hair color on dry hair (at least 1 day without shampoo). So, I didn't wash my hair until 30 minutes after application.

wait 30 minutes

STEP 5: Wait for 30 minutes. While waiting, I did my pedicure ; p

There is slight stinging near my forehead at the beginning but it's tolerable. 

before using Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red

See the dark roots showing? That's the before picture- three months after my first hair color.

STEP 6: Apply the Silky Perfumed Treatment

I didn't shampoo my hair before or even after the hair color. I just rinsed off the hair coloring treatment. It's a big clump and I could not run my fingers through my hair. Naturally, I panicked! What the hell was wrong with my hair... waaaaaah! Then I remembered the Silky Perfumed Treatment ; )

It is like a "miracle" conditioner lol As soon as I applied it, my hair became soft and manageable... yipee! My mom told me that what happened to my hair after rinsing the hair color is "normal". That's why there is always an after treatment included in the box ; )

Wine Red #4 and my hair

Good bye, dark roots! Hello, red head! I am very happy because the color turned out great! I love it!

BTW, there was a little left on the bottle and I used it on my mom the next day, sad to say, the hair color is not as effective anymore ; ( Her white hair was not covered and it has the slightest hint of red.

Tip #2: Use up all the product in one day ; )

I couldn't find a decent Etude House "How To" video. Hmmm, maybe I should make my own in my next hair color application.

the final result is in... fiery red!

I say it's hot, hot, hot! I love my hair color and best of all, it's very inexpensive! Oh, it smells like I just had my hair permed at Tony and Jackey which is a good scent... not bad at all! 

 UPDATE: I recently tried L'Oreal X-Tenso Setting/Digital Perm at Bangs Prime Salon Tomas Morato. Read my experience here.

Have you tried using other Korean bubble hair coloring? How was your experience and which one is your favorite?

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