Quirky Bacon San Juan

Hello October! And just like that, we are down to the last few months of 2014. After rescheduling our girls' night out, my friends and I were finally able to meet up last week at this new dining place in San Juan called The Quirky Bacon.

"BLT" Salad PhP 295

Little did I know that it is owned and operated by Chef Sharwin Tee of Lifestyle Network's Curiosity Got the Chef. I think he was introduced to me by a fellow blogger during the media night at Ippudo Mega Fashion Hall. A photo of his was prominently displayed on one side of the wall along with his TV show.

We started with "BLT" Salad. It was unique in terms of the ingredients used like dikiam na mangga and crispy pork belly. Lechon vinaigrette was light, in fact, I was only able to taste it after a few bites of the Baguio greens.

Homemade Fishballs, Kariton Sauce PhP 260

I don't like fishballs especially those found on the streets but my friend insisted on trying Quirky Bacon's Homemade Fishball. At PhP 65 per stick, I find it expensive. My only consolation is knowing that I won't get infected by typhoid ; p

extra fries on the side PhP 50

Guava Glazed Hot Wings PhP 250

Guava Glazed Hot Wings was definitely spicy for me. On the contrary, my friends said the level of spiciness was just okay. Whew! But it was hot, hot, hot for me!

Lechon Style Wagyu Beef PhP 540

Because we already ordered a salad, 2 appetizers and a potato wedge on the side, we only have one room for the main course. I was given the liberty to choose the main event and naturally I picked Lechon Style Wagyu Beef.

It was a decision I later regretted. The beef was not melt-in-your-mouth as we have expected from Wagyu. We ordered medium-well to ensure that the beef would be tender but it was chewy. In fact, we were spitting out the beef into the tissue paper provided because it was too tough to swallow. I like the roasted garlic jam though.

Every order of main course comes with vegetable of the day and a choice of fresh cut potato fries, star mash, root chip medley, steamed rice, bacon java rice or drop dead fried rice.

I hope the good chef and owner of Quirky Bacon can look into the quality of beef, after all, we paid quite a hefty sum for it.

Quirky Bacon is located at 192 Wilson St., San Juan with telephone number 5702494.

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