Lacoste Chantaco Monogrammed Bag

I was in Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons yesterday and chanced upon Lacoste Philippines' latest promotion- Chantaco Challege. For every Chantaco leather bag purchased, you can have it personalized/monogrammed by Lacoste France's top gilder artisan, Pascal Anger.

with Lacoste France Master Gilder, Pascal Anger

 Lacoste Chantaco Leather Bag Collection

  •  Chantaco Small Wallet in Two-Tone Leather
  • Chantaco Zip Wallet in Leather
  • Chantaco Makeup Pouch in Leather
  • Chantaco Zip Crossover Bag in Leather
  • Chantaco Crossover Bag in Leather
  • Chantaco Zip Tote Bag in Leather
  • Chantaco Bugatti Bag in Leather
  • Chantaco Tote Bag in Gold or Silver Pique Leather

Take the Chantaco Challenge
Cathy Bautista (right) Lacoste Estancia Mall, Store Manager

Aside from having my initials on my newly purchased bag, I can also get a Lacoste Card Case in Leather if I accept the Chantaco Challege. I am not one to say no... Challenge accepted!

1. Say hello to Lacoste's friendly French Craftman and have Chantaco stamped with initials

2. Solve Chantaco puzzle

 3. Play golf
 4. Like Lacoste Philippines on Facebook
5. Take a creative photo with your Chantaco bag and post it online #Chantaco #LacostePH #LacosteChantacoPH
6. Claim Chantaco Gift Bag

Personalized Chantaco Bag

In the following photos, France's top gilder artisan demonstrates the process of gold foil application and leather gilding. Pascal Anger meticulously affix my initials (MM) including a fleur-de-lis at the center.

Fleus-de-lis (fleur-de-lys) is a stylized lily. In French, FLEUR means "flower" and LIS means "lily". It is used as a decorative design or symbol.

my monogrammed Lacoste Zip Crossover Bag Php 7,750

I will blog about the unboxing of my new bag in my next entry. I took several photos earlier today. All I can say is that I love every angle of my new bag. I am so excited to use it right away ; )

Kael, friendly Lacoste SA

Manila is the last stop of a six-city tour for this very talented French artisan. You can still catch him today (November 29, 2015) in SM Megamall and have your Lacoste Chantaco bag in leather personalized.

For up close and personal photos of Lacoste Chantaco Zip Crossover Bag in Fig, read here.

Curious on how to spot a fake Lacoste? Read here.
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