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Gone were the days when I used to attend 2 or 3 events in one day. I have set my priority- my family above all else ; p Anyway, since my daily routine involves bringing my daughter to school, I figured I can put on a little makeup so my beauty products won't go to waste. That's how my #EverydayMakeup #EverydayLook on my Instagram account (@xoxoMrsMartinez) came about.

If you have been a follower on my Instagram account, you must have seen all my kawaii (cute) photos. Shame on you if you have not followed me yet ; p What are you waiting for?! Click here.

When my sister saw my neon pink eye makeup, she commented that it was too high fashion and so kawaii looking. I said, "Yeah, it was exactly the look that I am after." lol

Since I have a strong eye makeup, I applied a subtle color on my lips. A little too girly but I think it turned out "pretty-in-pink" well. See a more vivid color of my eye makeup in the last photo ; )

Below are more kawaii makeup photos taken on different days before I pick up my daughter from her school hihi

Look 1

Look 1- I didn't want to pull away the attention from my fuchsia lipstick so I only applied a brown eyeliner to open up my eyes.

 Look 2

Look 2- I am using a black eyeliner in this photo to make my eyes rounder and bigger ; ) I think I achieved the big-round-eyes look... agree?!

Look 3

Look 3- I want a more feminine look so I applied a peach lipstick. Incidentally, blue color goes well with peach. I think the earthy color of my blouse complemented well with my lip color.

 Look 4

Look 4- This photo shows a more vivid pink eye makeup that I am talking about on the first 2 photos. I think this last creation has all the elements of a perfect kawaii look- eyebrows on fleek, vivid eyeshadow color, winged eyeliner and moist lippies.

I want to play with so much colors in the next few days so come and join me on my Instagram page, okay?

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