Wingstop Flavor Invasion | Flavor Pass

If you have an adventurous palate like mine, I am sure that you will be thrilled to read more about Wingstop Flavor Invasion and its Flavor Pass.

Satisfy Your Flavor Cravings at Wingstop

A Flavor Pass let's you experience all 14 Wingstop flavors (see photo above). Whether you are craving for the classic spice of Hot Buffalo, the smooth taste of the Hickory Smoked Barbeque, the sweet heat of Mango Habanero (my favorite!), or the Oriental taste of Asian Flavors, surely, the Wingstop Flavor Invasion will get everyone to come back week after week.

Flavor Pass is redeemable with any single receipt purchase at any Wingstop store. Collect stamps for every flavor that you try and earn yourself Php 1,000 gift certificates for every Flavor Pass that you complete.

The good news does not stop there... Customers get extra wings with every single purchase of the Classic or Batter-Fried Wings. So if your appetite requires a 5-piece, you get 1 piece free. If you're craving for a 7-piece, you get 2 wings for free and if you order an 11-piece, you get 3 free wings with your purchase!

The Wingstop Flavor Invasion's Flavor Pass is your passport to explore and try the many different flavors that Wingstop has to offer. Flavor Pass is available from May 23 to August 31, 2016.

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