How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag

These are all pictures taken with my authentic Coach Soho Mini Signature handbag.

Coach Soho Mini Signature

uses only YKK brand of zipper

The zipper pull in my handbag is made of leather.
all Coach bags have this leather tag

tip of the C should touch the tip of the mirrored C

Above photo shows the middle of the handbag. Generally, coach pattern starts from there. Mind that all the stitches are in a straight line and there are no overlap stitching.
If the outside has a CC pattern, the lining should not have any pattern. And vice versa.

serial number sewn on a leather creed patch

The last five number combination represents the model/ style number of the handbag while the first two numbers indicate the year it was made. The F signifies that the bag was bought in a factory store.
Except for pouches, wristlet and other small accessories, all Coach has a creed attached to it. The words should be embossed and equally spaced on the leather patch not just printed on the material. The creed is sewn and not just pasted on the lining.

Coach engraved hardware

And yes, Coach do assemble their handbags in China.
close up on Coach engraved hardware

 snap on lock

 canvas lining

Coach care tag


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How to spot a FAKE COACH | How to spot a FAKE FENDI

Longchamp bags are from France but some bags are already made in China like this one.To see and compare an original from a fake, visit my other post.

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