Anello Nylon Mini Backpack in Grey Beige | How to Spot a Fake Updated (Latest) Version

Anello backpacks (rucksacks) from Japan are so kawaii!

I have been seeing it on my feed for so long that I decided to get one for myself. But where to buy? These knapsacks are so popular here and every where else that there are a lot of resellers who sell counterfeit or knock off versions of the brand.

Japan Anello Nylon Mini(size) Square  Rucksack (Backpack) | Grey Beige (GBE)

Anello Mini Nylon in Grey Beige rucksack (AT-B1492) 4,500 Yen

Luckily, I have a friend who traveled to Japan late last year and gifted me with not just one but two Anello backpacks- Anello Mini Nylon in Grey Beige rucksack (AT-B1492) for me and the other one is an Anello Polyester Kids backpack (AT-H0853) for my daughter.

Updated! How to Spot a FAKE Anello Japan 2017 | Beware of Imitation

I know my Anello bags are real/authentic. But for those of you who bought online and would want know if you have an authentic or a fake Anello bag, here are some of the things that you should look out for....

Bag Tags | Price Card

Anello Nylon Mini Backpack comes with three (3) tags attached by a plastic fastener (see left side of the photo).

  • Tag #1(left side) includes Model No., Color, Price in Yen, Barcode, Company Address and the words MADE IN CHINA

  • Tag #2: 

One side (top right photo) is printed on textured paper. Written on it are the words:

EST. 2005



Other side (middle right photo) is plain paper. It includes Anello's official Instagram page (@anello_bag), Facebook page (ANELLO.funpage) and (not shown in the photo)

  • Tag #3 ATTENTION or what I assume is a Care Card ; p

Logo | Label

Anello logo comes with 2 wine bottles forming an X or cross with a visible diamond shape at the center where the two bottles intersect.

*Notice the undercurve at the border of diamond (bottom part)

Gold Hardware | Flat Rivets
(clockwise from left): Snap on button, flat rivets on handles, round (one side)/flat (other side) rivet on faux leather zipper pull front pocket and gold zipper pull

  • The snap on button for top handles has the words CARROT (top) and Co. (bottom)
  • 4 flat rivets can be found in handle in front of the bag
  • Front zip pocket has leather-like zipper pull with gold, round rivet on one side and flat on the other
  • 2 gold zipper pulls for the main compartment

 Stitches| Front Pocket

I didn't see any loose threads when I checked/inspected the bag when I took photos for this entry. The color of the thread matches the color of the fabric/lining used for the bag.

Color Combination

Anello has a wide selection of colors. Each color has a corresponding lining in a different shade. Take my Anello Nylon Mini Backpack in Grey/Beige, it has a Navy Blue lining. You may check the color combination of your bag from the official Anello website.

Inside Tag

My Anello Nylon Mini Backpack in Grey/Beige has a manufacturing date found in the inside tag of the bag. Mine reads 2016.07.09 What's your bag's manufacturing date?

 Anello Nylon Mini Backpack in Grey/Beige | Back

Okay, so I am showing you the back side/part of my Anello Nylon Mini Backpack. The bag handles do not drop on its side. There's a zipper on the side for easy access. Notice the two parallel "V" stitching at the center. The two straps are padded. And lastly, the two side pockets have lining that matches the color of the inside of the bag.

Additional notes:

The original Anello rucksack can stand on its own. The bottom part does not sag even when the bag is full. When you open the bag, the mouth opening remains open and doesn't close on its own.

Any additional information on how to spot a fake Anello bags, you may leave it at the comment section ; )

I hope you learned a thing or two. Please visit and share:
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I hope this entry can help a lot of bag lovers out there! If you find this helpful, please share my post to your friends!

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