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Update on No appointment needed (Courtesy Lane/Priority Lane/Express Lane) on the following Filipinos and General Requirements and Documents Needed for Philippine Passport Renewal here

In a few months, my family and I are going to spend spring in Japan... yey!

With a lot of ongoing promo fares, more and more Filipinos can now afford to visit the land of the rising sun. Plus, Japan is only 4 hours away from Manila so it is very convenient to mark this country as your next travel destination.

If you are a Filipino passport holder, you might want to check out the step-by-step procedure below on how to acquire a Japan Visa...

Japan Visa for Philippine passport holder

On my first application, I received a Single Entry Japan Visa with a validity period of 3 months. I can only stay in Japan for a maximum of 15 days. When I reapplied late last year, my passport was granted a Multiple Entry Japan visa with a validity of 5 years. That means I don't have to reapply each time I want to visit Japan within the next 5 years. Most importantly, I can stay up to 30 days with each visit.

Japan Tourist Visa Application | Philippine Passport Holder

Step 1: Go to Japan Visa Section Information

Step 2: Download Japan Visa Application Form PDF and DOC

Step 3: View Visa Application Photo Requirement  below

 Visa Application Photo

  •  2 pcs. 2x2 (4.5cm x 4.5 cm) size

Japan visa photo size requirement

  1. Photo must be pasted where it is indicated on the visa application form. Photo that has been stapled to the application form will not be accepted.
  2. Photo must be in the correct size (see second pic). Submitted photo not conforming to the size requirement will not be accepted.

Japan Visa Acceptable Photo

  1. The photo must be taken no more than 6 months prior to application.
  2. The photo must have no borders
  3. Background of the photo must be plain white.
  4. The applicant must not wear any accessories (e.g. sunglasses, caps etc) in the photo.

Japan Visa Unacceptable Photo 
  1. Subject in the photo is too small/too large.
  2. Subject in the photo is not centered.
  3. Applicant must not wear sunglasses, headband, caps, etc. 
  4. Subject must have no shadow in the background.
  5. Eyeglasses must not reflect light and/or obscure facial features.
  6. Bland (no facial) expression must be seen in the photo.
  7. Subject must keep hair away from face.

Japan Visa Requirements | Philippine Passport Holder

  1. Valid Passport- with signature; must have at least two blank pages 
  2. Original NSO Birth Certificate and NSO Marriage Certificate (only if married) issued not more than one year.
  3. Daily Schedule in Japan
  4. Bank Certificate
  5. If employed, Income Tax Return (ITR) Form 2316 - photocopy
  6. If self-employed, Income Tax Return (ITR) 2316 ; For corporate, Certificate of Registration and Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) - photocopy
  7. Choose from the five (5) accredited travel agencies.Visa is gratis, however, you have to pay the travel agency facilitating your travel documents.

Since I don't have the luxury of time to go to any of the listed agency, I contacted a local travel agency and paid Php 2,000 to facilitate my Japan visa application. The travel agency would still course my application through the accredited agency. All my documents were picked up at my house  and after the approval, my passport with Japan visa was delivered back to my place ; ) Very convenient!

Good luck!

Embassy of Japan in the Philippines is located at 2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. For more information or any other inquiries on Japan Visa Application, you may call 8347514 and 5515710.

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