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This gossip is out and it can't wait any longer... Althea Korea has recently come up with a new 3-step skin care line called Bare Essentials. After coming up with the successful launch of Althea Petal Velvet Powder, its first-ever mattifying, translucent and lightweight loose powder that offers the skin a silky smooth finish, the premier online beauty shopping destination for K-Beauty is continuously adhering to the call of the beauty enthusiasts around the world by introducing innovative products made with the latest beauty technology.

Althea | Bare Essentials

Honestly, I have been using Korean makeup for sometime now but I have never even dare try to adapt to the infamous 10-step Korean skin care routine because I just don't have the T-I-M-E. As a hands-on mom, I am lucky to have a little time for myself to apply makeup on 😜

This news about simplifying the steps and procedures is a welcome treat for homemakers that still want to look and feel beautiful like me. Imagine yourself getting the benefits of a Korean skin care into three (3) quick and easy steps because of these new beauty hybrid products namely- Contour Cleanser, Primer Water and Fixer Cream, now wouldn't that make your life really amazing!

Bare Essentials | Contour Cleanser

The Contour Cleanser 150g Php 300

Packed with soothing Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtle extracts, this cleanser is densely filled with micro capsules that burst upon contact with water to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and detoxify skin. The Contour Cleanser helps promote blood circulation, reduces bloating and swelling for a defined , enviably slim face shape. 

After splashing my face with water, I applied the Contour Cleanser evenly on my skin. A pea-sized should cover the entire face. After rinsing, there's a squeaky clean feel to it.

Bare Essentials | Primer Water

The Primer Water 200mL Php 550

Both hydrating toner and a primer in one, the Primer Water contains patented dewdrop technology (Macro Fluidic Dispersion technology) that gently fills the gaps between pores and allows dehydration to penetrate deep within layers of the skin. Made with Snow Lotus extracts, this skin care heavy hitter has an incredibly smooth and silky texture that enhances the skin's natural glow, leaving you with the perfect canvas. 

And just as I thought that my face is really clean, I applied the Primer Water on a cotton ball. I was surprised to see dirt residue after swiping the cotton ball all over my face and neck. Now, my skin is ready to receive the third and final Bare Essentials product....

Bare Essentials | Fixer Cream 

The Fixer Cream 50g Php 640

This non-oily, quick-absorbing formula harnesses the power of Trehalose, an ingredient found in the cactus plant that prevents its moisture loss, to provide the skin with 24-hour hydration. THis ultra-nourishing wonder cream is also rich in antioxidants derived from Camellia Sinensis (green tea) seed oil, and helps to promote collagen regeneration using Baobab Tree extracts. Upon application, your skin is left looking great and feeling bouncy to the touch. 

I really, really love the Fixer Cream. It leaves my dry and ageing skin, soft to the touch. Just affirming what the description stated it is really quick-absorbing and yet you know that it's there because of the great looking skin you see after application (see photo below). 

Don't get left behind,  you can experience these straightforward products that leaves you with great skin complexion by logging in to your Althea Korea PH account today. There's more, Althea is giving out an additional 10%off with a free special edition mirror if you purchase now!

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