Birthday Suppliers During Covid-19 Quarantine Manila Lockdown

Celebrating Birthday during Quarantine Period 

When the Philippine government announced that the whole Luzon would be on "Enhanced Community Quarantine" (ECQ) to contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), I didn't expect the lockdown would extend until May. Well, unfortunately, it did.

I didn't let the corona virus lockdown dampen my mood when I celebrated my birthday last May 2. I ordered birthday cakes from The Beehive Pastries and Bingecakes. I chose these two cake suppliers because they are strategically located near my residence. Both cakes were picked up by my husband on the day of my birthday.

The Beehive Pastries | Classic Chocolate Cake Junior PhP 350 
(also available in Regular PhP 520 and Party Php 850)
decadent and perfectly moist chocolate cake 

Bingecakes | Strawberry Shortcake 7 inch Junior Php 1000 
(also available in 9 inch round Php 1800)
9" diameter and 4.5" height with 3 layers of light sponge cake. Pink icing made with chopped strawberries and topped with fresh NZ/US strawberries

I also ordered food for lunch from my favorite Cantonese seafood restaurant, Oriental Palace. It has been my go-to restaurant during this pandemic. The first time I ordered, all items on the menu were at 20% off. For my birthday, the promo was down to 10% off but it was still a good deal than nothing. I placed an advance order (April 30) and agreed on a specific delivery time. The food was delivered right on time. Buchi was included as dessert at no additional cost because it's my birthday. The delivery charge is just PhP 50.

My Birthday Lunch | Oriental Palace 
  • Wintermelon Soup Small PhP 350
  • Hot Prawn Salad Small Php 580
  • Sweet and Sour Pork Small PhP 350
  • Cha Misua Birthday Php 350
  • Buchi FREE
PhP 1,630 - 10% (Php 163)
PhP 1,467 + PhP 50 Delivery Charge
Total PhP 1,517

Birthday Surprises

There were many surprises on my birthday. First, I was down to 117 pounds when I weighed myself that day. It was a feat because I love sweets. Take note, I don't deprive myself, I just exercise more!

If you have been following me on my Instagram stories, I am constantly exercising to lose weight. I need to be healthy because I am not getting any younger. I was 132 pounds at my heaviest (December 2019). I started losing weight January of this year. Now, I am targeting my ideal weight of 110 pounds. Maybe one meal a day + no rice will do the trick but NOT on my birthday hahaha I can do this! Fighting!

Second, 3 more cakes arrived that day. Yes, I have a total of 5 birthday cakes. 6, if you count the cake that didn't arrive (long story!). Now, I can't eat all that cakes that was sent over so I shared my blessings to my parents, neighbors and even our security guards.

I was still asleep when my friend from the university sent over a mocha cake that she baked #LaborOfLove As I was about to blow my 3 cakes, a fourth cake was delivered. This time it was from a co-parent turned good friend. She ordered from Cake Panda PH.

Cake Panda PH | Chocolate Dream Cake with Greeting PhP 420
New customized Chocolate Dream Cake with greetings is layered with super moist sponge cake and smooth chocolate ganache, covered in chocolate shard and imported cocoa powder! It's rich, full of chocolate and heavenly!

This chocolate cake topped with slices of strawberries came as a surprise winner amongst all the other cakes. It was smooth, rich, moist and very chocolate-y with a hint of liquor. I am saving a small portion for later. I know it has been a week since my birthday but believe me when I say that it's still super moist. I really love it. 

Now, here's the story of the 5th cake. I didn't plan to order any food for delivery for dinner. Just as I was about to call for one, my childhood friend and owner of Verleo Catering called to say that she was sending over another cake (5th one!). When her driver arrived, not only did she send a birthday cake (lovingly baked by my inaanak) but she also provided a complete meal for my dinner celebration- Cha Misua, Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings and 2 containers of Mango crepe. It was truly a #blessedbirthday

Third surprise----> Remember the 6th cake that didn't make it to my address? Well, yogi replaced it with my favorite Meltique steak instead. Fridge PH, the supplier, even made a birthday card. What a nice touch!

Lastly, my daughter's letters came in as a surprise to me with matching a gift ; )

Zoom Meeting | Facebook Messenger Video

COVID-19 not only affected the people here in the Philippines but all over the world. Due to the pandemic, most of my cousins who are living abroad, are now working from home. We were able to chat via Zoom Video Conferencing. It was really nice catching up with a lot of them.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, my family, friends and I use Facebook Messenger to celebrate my birthday. Mainly because Messenger has a feature called Effects and we played with it... a lot. Yes, even Titas of Manilas are still childish like that ;p

Even with COVID-19 and the pandemic, my heart is still full. My family is healthy and safe in the comforts of our home and THAT is all that matters.

How about you? Were you able to spend a happy birthday despite the pandemic? Comment down below.

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