Lakbay Museo Tour | Entrance Fees + Review + Tips + Klook Promo Codes

Lakbay Museo- a walking tour and adventure that lets you explore the various tourist spots in the Philippines in under two hours.

Lakbay Museo | Location & Operating Hours

Lakbay Museo is located inside S Maison mall and thus follows the opening schedule of the mall at 11AM.

with ThatsMackayla

Tip #1: Visit the museum during weekday and if possible, enter during the opening time. You can enjoy the place more. No photobombers!

Lakbay Museo is located at Level 1 in S Maison. Operating hours is from 10AM to 10PM with the last call at 9PM.

Lakbay Museo | Admission Ticket Price

We were the first group to enter the museum. I bought Lakbay Museo discounted tickets via Klook that day. We were able to get in without a fuss.

Here's the breakdown of our Lakbay Museo admission tickets:
Adult and Child same admission price-Php 599/person (December 20, 2019) x 4 = Php 2,396
Promo Code TRIPNATIN - Php 150
Credits -Php 63
Total amount for 4 pax Php 2,183

Why choose Klook?

  • Instant Confirmation
  • No Cancellation
  • Redeem with Klook App
  • Enter Directly with Voucher
  • Fixed Date Ticket
  • 12 Chips/Play Money
Tip #2: Buy your Lakbay Museo tickets from Klook. It's way cheaper! Plus, you get 12 Chips/Play Money that you can use to buy treats inside the museum!

Walk-in / Holiday / Weekend PhP 799
Online Booking PhP 699
Klook PhP 448 (rate as of May 2020)

Tip #3: Bring your own camera (or cell phone camera). The place is very Intagrammable.

Side story: A staff approached me and asked if I wanted to have solo pictures taken with my camera. I know she meant well but all the photos she took were either blurry/bad angle or both lol So sad, I can't post all the photos here

Tip #4: Ask for the program schedule so you can get seats and a better view of the show.

Tip #5: Get Php 64.8 off your first Mobile App booking with promo code MOBILE10

Tip #6: Sign up with Klook today to get discounts from various attractions around the world. 

Lakbay Museo is generally for kids. My daughter and her friends loved every bit of the museum. The posed in every corner of the museum. If you asked my child, she remembers the candies they bought in the sari-sari store, the kalabaw that they sat on, the claypot that she balanced on her head and the short program that we watched.

Watch ThatsMackayla's Lakbay MuseoYoutube Video

On the other hand, I find the museum smaller than I have expected. For the price I paid, I expected a bigger venue and more significant places other than the Taal Volcano. Anyway, that's just me hehe Times are hard these days, I need value for money.  

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