Sushi Bake | Quarantine Food Trend

I learned how to make our own Sushi Bake and I posted it here. My daughter even made a video on how to make her favorite dish. 

Sushi Bake | Baked Maki

My husband was browsing through his Instagram (IG) feed when he stumbled upon the hashtag Sushi Bake (#SushiBake). It's the latest quarantine food trend since Dalgona Coffee. He got curious and asked me about it. Naturally, I went to my social media and asked people to recommend the best baked sushi preferably located in Quezon City.

Sushi Cake from Meatsumo Premium Panay PhP 480 good for 3
Viral Food Trend

I posted a "Looking For Best Baked Sushi" in two Facebook groups that I belong to and I got a lot of recommendations. But first, what is Sushi Bake? And why is it the latest food obsession of the netizens?

While Sushi is vinegared rice wrapped in nori with your choice of toppings/fillings (e.g. seafood, fruits and vegetables), Sushi Bake is a casserole-filled with a mix of California Maki ingredients like kani, ebiko, mango, cucumber, cheese and mayo layered on top of vinegared rice. It is broiled to perfection. Other entrepreneurs add ingredients like Salmon and Sriracha sauce to give a new twist to the dish.

How to Eat Sushi Bake?

Scoop a spoonful of Sushi Bake on a thin nori sheet (provided upon ordering), fold it, and eat it in one bite!

*You can reheat it in an oven at 140 Celcius for 10 to 15 mins 

Meatsumo Premium Panay

Meatsumo Premium Panay was on top of the list of recommended Best Sushi Bake in Quezon City. The company labelled its product as Sushi Cake. It has all the right ingredients I mentioned plus lots of crunchy tempura flakes and slices of onion leeks on top. It's so cheesy, you've got to try it!

23 Panay Ave., Paligsahan, Quezon City | 0933 1346534

 List of Sushi Bake Suppliers in the Metro

Gourmet Hub | Sushi Bake 

Gourmet Hub Php 1,400
If you want to amp up your Sushi Bake experience, order from Gourmet Hub. I ordered a tray of Sushi Bake with Salmon for my mom's birthday. I love the combined taste of all the chunky ingredients inside. There's a generous portion of masago (black, green and red) on top. Plus factor is the spicy kick of Sriracha. Everyone in the family loved it!
So, why are people hooked on this latest food trend? Well, it's something new to try. Second, it is like an all-you-can-eat California maki in a tray. And lastly, it's so colorful, it makes a great photo for your Instagram ; p

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