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I am busy these past few months from tidying up and decluttering our home. I just finished the study space setup for my daughter in time for her school opening this week. I am now concentrating on her play area. Over the summer break, I think I have cleaned and arranged her playroom several times and yet, the clutter never goes away. There are still a lot of toys left even if I sold and gave some of it away.

The good news is, I found a solution to most of the clutter laying around the house. As I have mentioned in my previous entry, trolleys are the in thing right now. It minimizes the clutter and keeps all things organized. It is space-saving too. It is a perfect companion if you are working from home (WFH) or for a student who is homeschooled/enrolled in online distance learning (ODL). Books, notebooks and other materials are within easy reach. The wheels glides smoothly so you can change its location wherever you want.

Where to buy it? | Shopee or Lazada

Locaupin Philippines trolley is a cheaper alternative to Ikea's Raskog ($49). I have a total of 3 trolleys from the said brand. The first trolley I bought was during Lazada Flash Sale for only PhP 1,050 (PhP980 +PhP 70 shipping). The suggested retail price (srp) is PhP1,199, shipping excluded. 

Price update as of August 2021 is now PhP 851

The broom is also Locaupin. It can rotate and the dust bin can be folded for storage. It wont take up much space. The dustpan has teeth to comb out hair and other dirt that might cling with the broom. 

Locaupin Broom is now only PhP 315.

The other two trolleys were bought from Shopee. The seller's name is adolfosy. Price varies depending on Shopee's promo and the vouchers I have at that time. For the second trolley, I paid a total of PhP1,052 and the most recent one, I got it for only PhP 958. Shipping included.

What's inside the sealed/vacuumed box?
  • 3 Plastic Trays
  • Metal Poles
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Wrench
  • Instruction Manual
The box is protected with bubble wrap. There's a fragile sticker on the surface of the box. The items inside are vacuum sealed. 

Colors available are:
  • White
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Green
Trolley Hacks

Tip #1: You might be wondering why I have three sizes- 2-tier, 3-tier and 4-tier. Well, I just converted the trolleys but all are, originally, 3 levels. I wanted a trolley that can fit under my table so I converted mine into a 2-tier. I added the extra plastic tray to the other trolley, making it a 4-tier. 

Tip #2: To maximize the space inside the plastic tray, I bought several baskets (wide and narrow) from another Shopee seller, shesheclavez. Narrow baskets are priced at PhP 115 each while the wider baskets are PhP120 each. The Sunnersta-like containers were bought from blackpinkpink.ph (Shopee seller). The product is labelled as NIKI 4pcs/set Portable Hanging Storage Bucket Plastic Container. A pack of 4 costs PhP 304.

Playroom Situation | Before & After


While trying to figure out what to do with all the boxes filled with toys that are laying on the floor, I thought of buying another trolley. But this time I don't like to spend so much money since it will be just a temporary storage of toys that I might just give away sooner or later.

I came across another trolley that offers minimalist design at half the price. This 4-level WIDE (width 22cm) trolley is the same height as 3-tier Locaupin trolley. The metal poles do not look as sturdy as the Locaupin brand but I think this trolley will do just fine. Assembling the trolley is easy, just connect everything together, no screws needed even for the wheels. No manual included.

Also available in Narrow size (width 13cm) that can fit, well, small crevices like side of refrigerator or back of the door. Shop's name is 2gether_products (Shopee). The name of the product is 2 gether Home Nordic Kitchen Bathroom Living Room Crevice. I bought the Nordic Trolley for only PhP 597, shipping included. The srp is PhP 650, shipping excluded.

I was able to get rid of 5 out of 6 baskets on the floor. All the things fit in nicely in the newly bought Nordic Trolley. It comes with 4 S-hooks that can carry a lot of stuff.

Tomorrow, I will begin organizing her Barbie dolls and Disney Princesses. I will update this entry to give you an idea on how I did it. I hope to declutter her play room before her school opens.

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