The Lobby at The Peninsula Manila | Terrible Experience

My family spent an afternoon eating ice cream at The Lobby of Manila Peninsula today. Maganda sanang opening line if sa The Lobby talaga kami nakaupo pero... 🤭

When we arrived, I saw several unoccupied tables. But we were told that we have to wait for 1 hour for a table because a lot of people reserved ahead🥺. A staff ushered us to Escolta instead since it also serves the same menu as The Lobby. Escolta fails in comparison to the The Lobby. The place looks rundown as compared to the well-lit and elegantly-designed The Lobby. 

After repeated requests/follow-ups for our orders, the cups of ice cream finally arrived. Our 4 scoops of ice cream took so long to arrive that we thought of cancelling our orders and driving back home. 

We ordered the following ice cream flavors- Vanilla (as shown in photo), Salted Caramel, Strawberry and Macapuno. Each order is ₱290 plus tax and service charge. I ate Salted Caramel (not in photo), it was salty alright but there was not a single hint of Caramel. It was...  meeeh!

I will say the ice cream was not worth its price because there was no ambiance in Escolta. It was a total letdown. 

We ordered ice cream but we were not given a single tissue/napkin. Good thing, I have a pack with me. 

The service was terrible. There were 3 or 4 staffs near our table but there's no way to catch their attention- their backs were all turned. You need to raise your voice to call them so they can hear you. 

For fear of the bill coming out too late, my mom requested for the bill as we eat. The bill came out just in time as we were about to finish our ice cream. 

I was expecting a 5 star service from a 5 star hotel but it was a terrible experience. Suffice to say, we will not be visiting any time soon.

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