DIY Coffee Jelly Drink At Home

I am not on a diet but I eat moderately... most of the time!  Here's another drink entry entitled Dalgona Coffee using a Blender. You can check the entry here

Craving Satisfied

I do my best to eat well but sometimes I am weak too. I give in to my cravings and yes, I enjoy every bite or drink haha

Check out the Dalgona Coffee Drink with Blender I made last year.

Coffee Jelly | List of Ingredients

Whenever I miss my favorite Starbucks drink- Coffee Jelly, I get creative and search our pantry for supplies. Thankfully, I always have the following on my grocery list:

  • Sunbest Coffee Jelly- the only available brand we have locally
  • Whole Milk- I always have milk on my coffee
  • ready to drink Coffee in can
  • Whipping Cream optional

Coffee Jelly | DIY Instructions

  1. Open a can of coffee jelly; sliced it into cubes
  2. In a tall glass, add half a can of coffee (depending on your preference)
  3. Pour a generous amount of Whole Milk because I love milk in my coffee
  4. On days that I am feeling generous to myself like today, I add whipping cream on top. 
  5. Perfect drink on a hot afternoon!

You can add ice cubes (before adding on whip cream) if your can of coffee and carton of milk are not refrigerated. You can even blend it if you have a blender at home. We have one but I am one lazy mama who doesn't like washing tons of stuff after giving myself a break ; p

Let me know in the comment section if you have tried this simple DIY Coffee Jelly drink.

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