A Trip Down Memory Lane with Purefoods | I Heart Art

Four years ago, I was too preoccupied with my online life that I can't keep track of all the events I have attended. I would say yes to up to three events in one day. Fast forward to today, I have learned how to keep things slow. As a mom to an adorable four-year old girl, I have learned how to sit back, relax and appreciate the finer things in life. I prefer good value instead of low price because quality is more important to me just like the new Purefoods Blue Line.

Purefoods Blue Line | I Heart Art


The painting session I experienced at Sip & Gogh brought me to a trip down memory lane on my experiences as a newbie blogger.

I remembered at the beginning of my career how I would always share stories with my husband about the events I attended over a can of Purefoods Corned Beef. I would sauté onions and garlic together with the corned beef. Amoy palang... nakakagana na!

My stories mostly revolved around the celebrities I met during the event. We would spent hours on the dining table, with me doing all the talking and he would intently listen to what I have to say in between bites of my sautéed corned beef.

Now that I am a mom, I hope to share the same feelings of comfort to my daughter by incorporating Purefoods Blue Line for every happy moment that she is experiencing. So that one day, she may have her own Purefoods Blue Line trip down memory lane to share.

Ballet Manila Fisher Mall | Lisa Macuja

The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila recently opened its newest branch in Fisher Mall, Quezon City. To celebrate the occasion, my daughter was invited to attend an exclusive Basics of Ballet class for kids under the Prima Ballerina herself, Ms. Lisa Macuja.

The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila | Fisher Mall


My little ballerina was looking forward to meet Teacher Lisa Macuja. Days before the event, I saw her practicing her dance moves in front of a mirror. She also picked out her all pink outfit of the day.

Five Fashion Trends to Try

Even though it’s still quite rainy here in the Philippines, that does not mean we have to sacrifice our style! I love finding beautiful pieces that you can accessorize to fit the weather, no matter what the forecast says for the day. All it really takes is a little creativity. So for today’s post I’m going to go over five really fun fashion trends that would be worth trying. While balancing the line between fashionable and functional can be difficult at times, you can’t let the weather completely dictate what you’re going to wear all the time! You’d never get to show off your personal style that way.

So this post will not only go over a few cool trends, but I’ll also give you some ideas to wear them your way. Because trends are only meant to be a starting point; how you incorporate them into your wardrobe is up to you!

Trend #1 | Denim Everything

You really can’t go wrong with anything denim lately. Whether you want to wear a denim top, denim dress, or denim jacket, you’ll be instantly on-trend no matter what. If you want to be a little bolder, give the denim-on-denim trend a try—these tips might help.

Trend #2 | Shirts Under Dresses

solace london dress lyst

It’s all about putting unexpected items together to create a unique look that works for just about any occasion. For example, these Solace London dresses are what modern minimalism is all about and would look fabulous layered over simple white fitted T-shirt. Pair with some chic sneakers and you have elegance-meets-street, an ensemble you can wear everywhere.

Ninak Restaurant | Kapitolyo, Pasig

During one of our family food trips, we accidentally stumbled upon Ninak Restaurant- an Asian fusion restaurant located at Kapitolyo, Pasig. Truth be told, we were looking for Cow and Chicken Modern Brunch Dining restaurant but we already circled around United St. (United Alley - 3rd St. - 1st St.) twice and yet we had no luck in finding it... meeeh!

In my husband's frustration, he parked the car at the first restaurant he saw with a vacant parking space and that's how we ended up in Ninak, that's Kanin spelled backwards if you hadn't notice ; p

Pinakbet Php 200

I seldom cook Filipino dishes at home so every time we are in a Filipino restaurant, we almost always order Pinakbet when we spot it on the menu. Aside from a whole lot of veggies, there's crunchy pork and garlic on top... so yummy!

Selecta Moo | The Good Milk Chocolate Drink Loved By Kids and Moms

My four-year old daughter needs all the nutrition she can get now that she is on her second year in preschool. Aside from assignments, she spends a lot of time practicing for school programs not to mention her extra curricular activities. A lot of her school programs and after school activities require her to go on stage and perform. That's why I always keep a pack of the new Selecta Moo as her baon drink in her backpack. She needs all the vitamins and minerals she can get in one ready to drink pack.


 MOOore Delicious | Milky Chocolatey Taste


My little one loves to eat anything with chocolate in it. Her eyes lit up when she had her first sip of the new Selecta Moo. I guess it was the right combination of the delicious taste of creamy milk and chocolate that made Selecta Moo her all-time favorite milk chocolate drink.