Living with a Preschooler | Mom Travel Tips

As a full time and hands on mom to a four year old daughter, my week is always filled with activities. I drive her to school on weekdays and on Saturdays, I drop her off to her ballet class. Sundays are spent with the family. I have little or no time on my hands.


When my husband asks me to check out travel deals for our holiday getaways, naturally, I feel very frustrated. Going to the nearest local travel agency is out of the question. These days driving through the heavy traffic takes away at least one to two hours of my precious time.

Since I am online in between shuttling my daughter to and from her activities and doing household chores, I turned to Google and chanced upon It is basically an online travel agency that can help busy moms like me to book flights and hotels in Southeast Asia without leaving the comforts of my home.

Ka Tunying's Cafe | Timog Ave. Quezon City

When ABS-CBN TV anchor and radio commentator Anthony Taberna opened his first branch of Ka Tunying's Cafe along Visayas Ave., I heard and read a lot of rave reviews. The location is a bit far from me so I was not able to visit the much-talked about cafe. I know right?! It was such a bummer!

When I found out that he opened a second branch in Timog Ave., Quezon City, I quickly organized a breakfast date with some of my co-parents in my daughter's preschool. So, here we are one Thursday morning, grinning from ear to ear and having our photo taken with Anthony Taberna.

Ka Tunying's Cafe | Anthony Taberna


When we arrived---> there he was, the main man himself, wearing a neon pants paired with a floral top. He actually looks cute in person. And yes, he always smiles like that with his eyes squinting haha

Tickles | SM Megamall

Two of my daughter's friends are celebrating their birthdays this September and I know exactly where to find adorable gifts for these little girls- Tickles. The well-loved shop recently opened its flagship store at SM Megamall. This 80sqm, circus-themed wonderland is filled to the brim with quirky stuff that will definitely catch your fancy- whatever your age!


Mwah Pen Php 50

I was with my sister when I visited the shop last weekend. With all the knick-knacks we found inside, our supposedly short visit turned out to be a long one. My sister even had an impromptu "hugot" photos just for fun!

Do Ya | Jana Alayra

I told you my daughter is a huge fan of Jana Alayra. Here's another song that she recently learned from her preschool called Do Ya.

Funny anecdote:

B: Mom, we have a new song in school!
Me: What is it? Can you sing it?
B: Yeah... Do ya, do ya...
Me: That's it?!
B: Yes
Me: Are you sure? Is there any other words in the song?
B: I don't know

After googling Jana Alayra, it turned out that Do Ya is the title of the song. I should have listened to her in the first place. It would have saved me a lot of time looking for the title of the song ; p

Do Ya | Jana Alayra

Unarosa | CO/OP Manila

Yey for September! Truth be told, I welcome this month with open arms. You know why? Because it's shopping season once again and it is the most wonderful time of the year to update your wardrobe.


 Una besides meaning 'the one' or 'the first', also denotes beauty, while Rosa signifies femininity

Are you looking for a store that carries a remarkable selection of chic apparel and accessories? Well, this entry can help you find trendy pieces and the most up-to-date designs in women's fashion, all in one store. I visited Unarosa's newly opened outlet store at CO/OP Manila and I got first dibs on its Uptown | Downtown 2016 Collection.