Daddy's Girl | Happy Father's Day


I am a well-fathered daughter. My dad is a strong influence in my life. When I was younger, every tough decision I made, I consulted with my father. He gives sound advice up to this day. He never lets me down. That's why I love him dearly!

I want to share this letter addressed to him a few years back. It sums up our relationship and how he became my role model in life. 

After reading my letter, you will understand why I don't take for granted the time I spent with my dad. He embodies the word "fatherhood". Each moment feels like Father's Day whenever I am with him. 

 Daddy's Girl

Dear 'de,

Remember when I was a kid, you always rub my back each morning to wake me up? I am doing that now to my little girl plus I added a little "stretching" to the routine ; ) I find that my daughter is happier throughout the day when I do that.

How can I forget the times when I patiently waited for you to come home from work at night because I know that you have Japanese take out boxes as "pasalubong" for me and my siblings. Thus, I feel guilty whenever I don't bring home a little something for my own daughter ; (

You started the tradition of hanging our socks every Christmas eve so you could shower us with gifts and see our delightful faces the next day. And because of that, we still hang our socks until today even though I am already married (I still send my socks to my parent's home ; p) and both my siblings have decent jobs. It was so much fun that I plan to start that tradition this year.

You taught me the value of hard work. At an early age, I learned how to earn my keep. I remember selling ice candy to our factory workers so I can buy my favorite stationery. I learned early on that I have to work hard to get what I want in life.

I remember that you were the one who accompanied me to all three universities where I took my entrance exams. You patiently waited for hours until my exam was done for the day. And when I finally graduated in college, you were teary-eyed because you always say that education was the best gift you can give to your children. I can't wait to have the same relationship with my baby girl!

I could not forget the time when I got so sick- I could not even walk, you were the one who rushed me to the emergency section of the hospital. From then on, you never fail to ask me if I have eaten my lunch or dinner especially when I am working. I tend to focus on getting the job done than my growling stomach. You have instilled in me that Health is Wealth. That's what I plan to share with my own child and my future children too.

Yes, we are not rich. Your gift is so much more than that. You gave me everything I need in life- good values, good education and good health. I would not be the woman I am today- confident, self-sufficient, loving (oh, I could go on and on and on...) if not for you.

Thanks for everything and I love you, 'de!


Our father-daughter relationship is definitely a positive one. I know that it's about time to give something back to my dad who has given me so much more than I deserved.

Since we share the same passion for coffee and current events. I invited him to a coffee date where I presented to him a gift of gold for Father's Day. He was surprised but he still managed to give me the biggest hug for always remembering him ; )

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack | How to Spot a Fake + Review

Nowadays, when I want or need something, I turn to the internet for some inspirations and suggestions. I saw a lot of fashionable people carrying Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack in their #OOTDs so I considered buying it as replacement for my old backpack.

Out with Jansport | In with Longchamp

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack £65GBP($125)
Late last year, I have finally found a suitable replacement for my Jansport Half Pint TDH6 backpack. I already used it for two years and I think it's about time for a little upgrade. Don't get me wrong, I still love handbags. So, why purchase another backpack? Because when I am with my daughter (which is 24/7), I need both of my hands free.

What I like about canvas backpack is that it's super light weight yet it can seriously pack a lot of items inside. I swear by it as I use it in place of a diaper bag. Aside from concealing the diaper, hand sanitizer, wet tissue and other baby essentials, a backpack is more fashionable to carry when traveling or just hanging out at a mall.

Trampoline Park | Benefits, Promos, Rates & Activities

How's your long weekend?

My family and I spent our Sunday morning at the Trampoline Park - Zero Gravity Zone located at The Portal in Mandaluyong City. We started our day with a filling breakfast at the Pancake House located just around the corner before we sweat it out on the trampoline.

Pancake House | Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites

Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites Php 115

Mini Classic Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites

Our family, especially DH, couldn't start the day without eating a hearty breakfast. There were only a few restaurants that were open and Pancake House was one of them. I ordered the House Special Set- a delicious mix of specialties of the house: Taco, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and garlic bread, 1 pc Pan Chicken and Iced Tea. DH ate the taco while I ate the rest ; p My daughter ordered Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco. She wiped out the candy-coated choco bites before I can even eat the pan chicken haha 

Trampoline Park | Flying Adventure

Trampoline Park's Gravity Socks in sizes XS- L Php 100 each pair
What to Wear | What to bring

  • comfortable clothes (no long sleeves, please!)
  • extra clothes including underwear
  • Gravity Socks- non-skid/non-slip/ grip socks for indoor trampoline park available at the registration counter for Php 100/pair
  • water... lots of it! 

Since it's our first time at the Trampoline Park, I don't know what to expect. I don't want my daughter to suffer from scratches after play (like she experienced while sliding down at Dream Play) so I let my daughter wore a long sleeves top (bad idea!) with an undershirt and a pair of leggings. 

It was a bad idea because the place is not air-conditioned ; p After a while, DH removed my daughter's Minnie Mouse long sleeves top, what remained was only her undershirt and her pair of leggings.

Snow Crystal White Tomato | Food Supplement

 Snow Crystal White Tomato | Active Ingredients

Snow Crystal White Tomato Php2,895 per box of 30 tablets

Vida Nutriscience Inc., makers of Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Snow Whitening Lotion, introduces a new product called Snow Crystal White Tomato. It contains the most potent ingredients for healthy white skin- Phytofloral (800mg), L-Glutathione (500mg) and Bioperine. Snow Crystal White Tomato is a natural sunscreen that acts as an invisible shield protecting you from the harmful UltraViolet (UV) rays of the sun.

new! K-Palette | Lasting Eyebrow Tint Review


I have been wanting to use the hashtag I-Woke-Up-Like-This and now, I finally can! Thanks to the new K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint in Mocha Brown- the latest beauty product from K-Palette 1Day Tattoo, I woke up with these fabulous eyebrows today.