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How's your long weekend?

My family and I spent our Sunday morning at the Trampoline Park - Zero Gravity Zone located at The Portal in Mandaluyong City. We started our day with a filling breakfast at the Pancake House located just around the corner before we sweat it out on the trampoline.

Pancake House | Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites

Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites Php 115

Mini Classic Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco Bites

Our family, especially DH, couldn't start the day without eating a hearty breakfast. There were only a few restaurants that were open and Pancake House was one of them. I ordered the House Special Set- a delicious mix of specialties of the house: Taco, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and garlic bread, 1 pc Pan Chicken and Iced Tea. DH ate the taco while I ate the rest ; p My daughter ordered Mini Pancakes with Candy-Coated Choco. She wiped out the candy-coated choco bites before I can even eat the pan chicken haha 

Trampoline Park | Flying Adventure

Trampoline Park's Gravity Socks in sizes XS- L Php 100 each pair
What to Wear | What to bring

  • comfortable clothes (no long sleeves, please!)
  • extra clothes including underwear
  • Gravity Socks- non-skid/non-slip/ grip socks for indoor trampoline park available at the registration counter for Php 100/pair
  • water... lots of it! 

Since it's our first time at the Trampoline Park, I don't know what to expect. I don't want my daughter to suffer from scratches after play (like she experienced while sliding down at Dream Play) so I let my daughter wore a long sleeves top (bad idea!) with an undershirt and a pair of leggings. 

It was a bad idea because the place is not air-conditioned ; p After a while, DH removed my daughter's Minnie Mouse long sleeves top, what remained was only her undershirt and her pair of leggings.

Trampoline Park | Promos

Flyer Promo (valid on weekday only)*

  • Buy 1 Take 1 on entrance ticket
  • 1- Day Pass Unlimited for only Php 599
  • Mondays 1-Day Unlimited Php 499

* I got the flyer at the reception counter (3rd photo).

Php 100 off Promo

PNB Promo

  •  64% discount on Gravity Fitness & Sports Membership! Php 900 instead of Php 2500
  • 50% discount on entrance tickets on any day, excluding Gravity Socks 
  • 25% discount on birthday events during card holder's birthday*
  • 15% DISCOUNT ON Trampoline Parks Founder Membership Card

  • *excluding the food packages and socks. Discount applies to rental of party deck and entrance tickets only

    Promo runs from April 1 to June 30, 2017 only

    Since we are existing PNB cardholders, we availed of the 50% discount on entrance tickets. The discount applies on any day of the week as opposed to the flyer promo which is only valid on weekdays. On a side note, we learned about Trampoline Park thru PNB Mailer.

    Trampoline Park | Baggage Counter

    There is a Php 20 fee for the safe keeping of bags. Since our car was parked right in front of the establishment (street parking ; p), we opted to just put our things inside our car. Water bottles and cellular phones are allowed inside.

    We arrived at around 9:30AM. The next available play time is at 10AM. We waited for our turn since there is a limited number of guests per time slot.

    After changing to Gravity Socks, place your shoes on any vacant slot you can find (see photo on top). I do hope they have lockers for the shoes though.

    Anyway, a few minutes before our time, a video played the do's and don'ts inside the play area.

    Trampoline Park | Do's and Don'ts

    • Always land with your feet or your bum
    • Keep your legs and feet together throughout the jump
    • Watch out for other jumpers
    • Don't jump or land on the padding
    • Lean towards tour landing target
    • Don't try to break your fall with your hands
    • Never dive head first into the foam pit
    • Don't do dangerous stunts (e.g. somersaults and double bouncing)
    • Avoid running or racing in the area
    • Avoid climbing on walls
    • Avoid resting on the trampoline
    • Control your bounce level before leaving the area

    Trampoline Park | Gravity Basketball

    • Do not jump too close to the basketball ring
    • No hanging on the ring
    • Observe one person at a time shooting-in-a-basket rule
    • Always wait for your turn
    • No throwing of balls at other jumpers
    • Slam dunk like a pro
    • Always jump at your skill level

    Trampoline Park | Bubble Ball

    What is Bubble Ball?

    It's a super fun single chamber inflatable sphere with inner handles and shoulder straps. You can now perfect your rolls, flips and wheels; Or have two Bubble Balls enter the ring and fight!

    Available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) only

    Bubble Ball | Rates

    30 minutes- Php 100
    1 Hour- Php 150

    Trampoline Park | Gravity Sports Club

    Join the exclusive Gravity Sports Club:

  • Aerial Dodgeball Games 
  • Gravity Fitness Classes
  • Aerial Volleyball
  • Parkour Training

  • Gravity Sports Club | Rate 

    Php 1,800 per month

    Membership includes one (1) session a day (weekdays only).

    Trampoline Park | Birthday Party | Corporate Event


  • Trampoline Flying
  • Aerial Group Sports and Games
  • Foam Pit
  • Parkour Training
  • Basketball Slam DUnk
  • Aero Dance
  • Gravity Viewing Deck (as seen in the photo above)

  • Price starts ar Php 595 per head

    Trampoline Park | Foam Pit

    Benefits of Trampolining

  • Burn up to 1000 calories per hour
  • Improves metabolism
  • Strengthens heart
  • Cleanses your lymphatic system
  • Improves your balance
  • Lessens joint impact
  • Boosts positive energy

  • Trampoline Park | Operating Hours  

    Monday to Thursday 12:00PM to 9:00PM 
    Friday 12:00PM to 10:00PM
    Saturday 9:00AM to 10:00PM
    Sunday 9:00AM to 9:00PM

    Trampoline Park | Schedule of Activities

    Monday to Friday 

    12PM to 4PM | Gravity Kidz under 6yeards old
    4PM to 6PM | Gravity Parkour EVERYDAY including weekends
    7PM to 8PM | Gravity Basketball Slam Dunk Competition every Monday and Friday
    6PM to 7PM | Gravity Zumba every Tuesday
    7PM to 8PM | Gravity Volleyball every Tuesday
    6PM to 7PM | Gravity Fitness (Body Pump) every Wednesday and Friday
    7PM to 8PM | Gravity Dodgeball  every Wednesday and Thursday
    8PM to 10PM | Gravity DJ Beats every Friday and SATURDAY

     Saturday and Sunday

    9AM to 11AM Gravity Kidz under 6 Years Old

    Trampoline Park | Rates

    Weekdays | Php 180 for 30 minutes
    Weekdays | Php 320 for 1 Hour 
    Weekends & Holidays  | Php 200 for 30 minutes
    Weekends & Holidays | Php 350 for 1 Hour

    Trampoline Park is located at The Portal, Mayflower St., Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. For rates, promos, schedules, party packages and other inquiries, please call 5332 5849 or 0905 453 3879.

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