KidZania Manila Experience | 2019 Promos + Tips + Entrance Fee + Review

Last May, KidZania Manila had a Buy 1 Get 1 promo- get a Free Weekday Adult ticket for every 1 Weekday Kid ticket purchase for only Php 900. I bought all our tickets from KLOOK. This BOGO promo is extended until July 2019. You can purchase your tickets via Kapamilya Tickets, TicketWorld and KLOOK. 

KidZania Manila | Guide to First Timers

We got there at 9AM- opening time on weekdays. KidZania's operating time varies so be sure to check the schedule online prior to your visit to avoid dismay.

KidZania Manila | 2019 Operating Hours:
  • All Mondays CLOSED
  • Tuesdays to Fridays 9AM-4PM
  • Saturdays & Sundays 10AM to 5PM
You will find Klook check-in counter at the far left (#1) when you enter the main entrance. Since it was my first time to buy tickets via Klook, I was not aware that the vouchers I printed do not have the QR code needed to facilitate our entry. I wasted a printed paper for nothing.

My friend showed the email (with QR code, of course) that I previously forwarded to her and we were immediately issued our wrist tags and tickets while the kids in our group were given 15 kidZos- KidZania's official currency. The staff said that an additional 35 kidZos will be deposited in their ATM account when they open an account at the bank inside KidZania Manila. That's a total of 50 kidZos that the kids can use to pay for services rendered to them. Opening a BPI ATM account is Free Of Charge (FOC).

Tip #1: It's good to know that all counters open one (1) hour before start of shift and strictly close two (2) hours before end of shift. That's the reason why when we entered, many kids were already playing inside. 

When we entered the "kid-sized play city", the kids went straight to BPI to collect their remaining 35 kidZos. My daughter brought her ATM card with her. She opened an account during her third visit. The 35 kidZos was directly deposited into her ATM account. She was able to check her account balance (she had a total of 222 kidZos!) at the BPI ATM machine located right outside the bank.

Trivia: There are 103 specially designed roleplay activities in 65 establishments.

Tip #2: Apply for an ATM card immediately upon entering for faster transactions inside KidZania. The kids were lucky, there were no long queues when they got their ATM card. When you have an ATM, the kidZos you earned from an activity is immediately credited to your account. You may also use your ATM as a debit card if you want to avail of KidZania services.

This is already her 4th visit and I still can't believe that I haven't posted anything about her past KidZania experiences here in my blog. She was still a toddler when she first visited KidZania in 2015. I was invited to cover the opening of McDonald's Burger Shop. She's still under 4 then so she was not allowed to join any activity including the McDonald's Cheeseburger activity that would have earned her 15 kidZos.

First activity of the day---> Driving Streets-Earning Your License. Just like in the real world, before she can drive, she has to get her Driver's License. She has to attend a driving class, pass the test and only then can she earn her license.

Earning Your License activity has a capacity of 2 kids ages 6 and above with a minimum height requirement of 70cm and a maximum height requirement of 140cm. The duration is 15 minutes and will cost 15 kidZos. It means that 15 kidZos will be deducted to your kid's account for joining the said activity.

When she passed the test and got her own Driver's License card, next activity is Driving Streets-Driving where she can drive an electric car around the Driving Streets. Kids will have to queue again for this activity. It has a capacity of 3 kids with a minimum of 6 years of age per 15 minutes. The cost is 15 kidZos.

Shell has a total of 4 activities- Earning License, Driving Streets and there's 2 more where she can earn 6 kidZos each at the Gas Station by rendering services such as Changing Oil and Gas Dispatching. The latter means that 6 kidZos will be credited to your child's account because she rendered her service.

Now, how do I know if she will be earning or paying in each activity that she participated in? Well, you can look for Census Plaque (posters) by Federal Information Bureau of KidZania like the ones I posted below.

In some activities, there will be a height requirement (above left) while others do not. With each poster, you will find information like the capacity, duration, age requirement and of course, if you are earning or spending for that activity, check under Economy (±).

B KidZanian | Benefits for Better Citizen | PaZZport Office

B*KidZanian is a loyalty program. its members are called B*KidZanian CitiZens. Joining is easy, just visit the Pazzport Office located near the Independence Fountain, pay a one-time fee of Php 250, have your child's photo taken and receive an official KidZania PaZZport with a special hologram sticker. Your child can get a special hologram sticker for every KidZania city he/she visits.

As soon as the kid joins, he/she becomes a Naturalized CitiZen of KidZania. He/she can earn or save 2 extra kidZos on every activity completed. Collect 30 stamps and the child is eligible to become a Distinguished CitiZen. When the child earns another 30 stamps (60 total), he/she becomes Honorable CitiZen.

Holding a Kidzania PaZZport has its benefits:
  • Birthday Month/Promo is open for walk-in customers (kid's ticket), must be accompanied by one companion paying full price ticket (kid or adult) until March 31, 2020-Naturalized Citizen 30% off for the Celebrant ; Distinguished Citizen 75% off and Honorable Citizen FREE 
  • Naturalized CitiZens receive a stamp in their PaZZport and an additional 2 kidZos for each activity they complete, plus 5% off at the National Store.
  • Complete 30 stamps in the PaZZport and advance to Distinguished Citizen. Kids can enjoy express access to KidZania, special activities reserved just for Distinguished CitiZens, a free beverage at the Parent's Lounge, 10% off at the National Store, and access to special offers and events. Earn extra 4 kidZos per activity.
  • Upon achieving 60 total stamps, Honorable CitiZen enjoy all the benefits of being KidZanian, as well as eligibility for the KidZania CongreZZ, as leaders to design the next generation experience at KidZania. In addition, 15% off at the National Store and earn extra 6 kidZos per acitivity. 

Tip #3: B KidZanian- As a CitiZen of KidZania, your child will unlock more activities, earn more KidZos and have more fun.
Tip#4: In cases where there are locations such as Shell wherein there are 4 activities (different roles/repeats the same activity) in the same establishment, only one unique stamp will be given. 

So far, my child has collected a total of 16 stamps from her last two visits, she is halfway to become a Distinguished CitiZen. Hopefully, we can visit again before her summer vacation ends.

Tip #5: There's a baggage counter if you want to leave change of clothes, jackets (for when it rains outside) etc. before you enter the play area. We left most of our stuff at the counter because it will be tiring to carry all the stuff for the duration of our stay. 

During our last visit, I noticed that one of the Zupervisors at Shell was not being "friendly", maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or maybe he was just having a bad day early in the morning. Whatever his reason, his face clearly showed it. During my daughter's driving test, he was clearly frustrated that she didn't know how to drive the electric car. Well, she didn't know at the time because it was her very first time to drive one. You don't expect that all kids learn driving on their first try. She did get the hang of it on her next try. This was the first time that we have encountered such incident. Other than that, the kids had a pleasant visit at KidZania. 

Tip #6: If you are planning to buy souvenir photos, make sure to buy it ahead of time (before closing) to avoid long queues.

I bought a souvenir Chika wallet* (Php 429) for my daughter where she can store her ATM card, Driver's License and PaZZport in one place. I had it personalized for a minimal fee (Php29). See photo above. We also bought a Buy 1 Get 1 Keychain/Ref Magnet for Php 225 (not applicable for any other discount) right before we left.

*Perks of holding a KidZania PaZZport- I only paid Php 407.55 (5% merchandise discount) for the wallet. 

Tip #7: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You may bring bottled water inside. 

I hope that KidZania will open new restaurants so that there will be more food choices available. Some of the restaurants I remembered from my last visit were closed already. 

KidZania Manila is located at ParkTriangle, 3245 North 11th Avenue, BGC, Taguig City | +632 711 KIDZ (5439)

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