Enchanted Kingdom 2019 | Birthday Promo + Tips + Klook Tickets/Entrance Fees

Last Saturday, my family and I celebrated my mother's birthday at Enchanted Kingdom, the first and only world class theme park in the Philippines. My mom availed of the enchanting birthday blowout promo of Enchanted Kingdom. She got in for FREE by simply presenting a photocopy of her birth certificate together with a valid government ID (photocopy). Now, that's Php 810 savings (weekend rate)!

Enchanted Kingdom | EKsperience

I was able to buy tickets for my daughter and I online via Klook. I bought one Regular Weekend Pass at a discounted price of Php 785 (regular weekend price is Php 900) and one Junior Weekend Day Pass* for Php 590 (regular weekend price is Php 600).

* Junior Day Passes are for children 36 to 47 inches in height. 

Klook | Enchanted Kingdom WEEKEND Pass
Inclusive of:
  • 1 Day Admission
  • Ride-All-You-Can Pass
  • Unlimited Admission to Agila: the EKsperience
Klook | Enchanted Kingdom WEEKDAY Pass Rates
  • Regular Day Pass discounted at Php 698; original price of Php 800
  • Junior Day Pass discounted at Php 490; Original price of Php 500
Klook Enchanted Kingdom Unli-Ride-Ticket + Agila the EKsperience Admission Ticket is an open date ticket and is valid for three months from date of purchase. 

Klook has a special offer for Philippine users: Get Php 300 off with a minimum of Php 4,000 using promo code EXPLOREHOME300. Valid until June 30, 2019. 

I know that there's a separate line for Klook users where the staff has to scan the QR code at the Agila entrance/ticketing gate located on the far left side of the main gate. But since we are availing EK's Enchanting Birthday Blowout promo, the rest of the family still had to line up and buy tickets. 

Enchanted Kingdom | Enchanting Birthday Blowout Requirements:

We were there at around 11AM. just in time for the park's opening. FYI, park hours varies so kindly check the schedule first before driving there. I scanned the crowd and ask one of the staff where we can avail of the birthday promo. The staff told me that I can buy the tickets near Agila entrance but I saw that the line there is longer. I figured, I am going to deal with that later. 

He pointed me to counter 7 where we were able to avail of the free pass for my mom. Okay, if you are the celebrant, you must visit the park on your birthday week- 6 days before until 6 days after the actual birthday. Your actual birthday is included too.

  • photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA/NSO/Municipal)
  • photocopy of valid government ID (passport, driver's license, voter's ID etc.)
  • student ID 
    Celebrant must have at least one paying companion. The companion can get a regular day pass at a 10% discount price (Php 720/weekdays and Php 810/weekends/holidays). Up to 10 companions can avail of the discount. 

    Tip #1: I found out while typing this entry that I should have bought another Regular Weekend Pass from Klook. Instead of just getting a 10% discount (Php 810) via Enchanted Kingdom ticket counter, the price would just be Php 785 via Klook. Php 25 more discount ; p

    Note: Discount is not applicable to Junior and Senior Rate. 

    It took us only a few minutes to buy get the free pass, one regular pass and a senior pass. My dad, mom and sister were able to get in the park immediately. However, entering via the Klook/Agila gate is another story. Yes, there were several staff manning the entrance. And yes, they could be more efficient so as not to have a lot of people crowding the area under the heat of the sun. One person in front of me was lining at the Klook line when he should be in another line- change of booking. There was no clear sign so people can line up properly. I pity the children including my daughter because of the long line and the unbearable heat. What should have been a quick entrance- the voucher has to be presented via mobile app (no printing necessary) and scanned via the staff's phone lasted more than 20 minutes. 

    Tip#2: Pay your parking ticket (Php50) at the ticketing office where you buy your tickets to the park. 

    Agila | EKsperience

    First thing on our agenda after getting inside Enchanted Kingdom was to watch the Agila-  the first flying theater in the Philippines and the largest of its kind in the world. 

    The Agila theater opens at 12:30PM. Bags/backpacks are not allowed inside. Lockers are provided free of charge for one hour. We stood in line for 30 minutes or so. Then another 30 minutes was spent inside the building and the enchanted forest before we were allowed inside the theater. I think this too time consuming because we are there to experience the ride. Also, the staff were being redundant, checking our tickets several times, then puncturing our tickets, and later on handing out stickers* that won't stick on our hands (for Klook holders). 

    *Sticker is used to classify a holder seat. Circle sticker holders are seated at the top, Square at the middle or and Triangle at bottom of the theater. 

    The 544-square meter screen is huge. The moving seats lifts you off the ground and are equipped with multi-sensory special effects of wind, water and eagle-like motion. You can only have small items like wallet and cellphone stored under your seat. Umbrellas are not allowed inside. 

    As with any blockbuster rides, the wait is definitely longer than the ride itself. 

    Once we were done with Agila, we had a quick lunch at the Amazon Grill | Launch Time Restaurant. These restaurants are located between Spaceport and Jungle Outpost.

    with Eldar Php 800 bought at the Agila souvenir shop
    • 2 sets of Pork BBQ Php 195/set- 1 set includes two sticks of pork BBQ, rice and a choice of side dish (macaroni or buttered corn)
    • 1 set of Sinigang na Baboy Php 205
    • 1 Spaghetti with Meatball Php 145
    • 2 cans of Coke

    Tip#3: Bring refillable water bottle/container. You can refill your containers in selected stations. 

    Right outside Amazon Grill is the Swan Lake. We pedaled our way around the 3 foot deep lake. Each swan is around 300 kilos so it was very hard to maneuver under the heat of the sun. We were sweating after that so we had an ice cream at Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor Shop ; p

    2 scoops Php 85; Banana Split Php 100+
    After eating ice cream, we took the plunge at Rio Grande Rapids. Okay, we know that we can get wet but we didn't realized that we will be soaking wet. My sister, daughter and I were all wearing rain jackets and we still got wet. Okay, soaking wet!

    I bought enough clothes for my daughter so she was able to change right after. There's are Dryer Machine right outside the ride. For Php 150, you can dry your clothes and yourself. 

    Tip#4: Bring lots of extra clothes including underwear especially if you are planning to ride Rio Grande Rapids.

    We were not able to watch any shows but we were able to take a few photos with some of the entertainers that afternoon right before we went in Rialto 4D Theater. FAs part of EK's 23rd anniversary, Rialto is featuring back to back shows entitled Barn Yard Breakout and Polar Ice Ride. Both were entertaining. 3D glasses are handed out as you get in and you must return it right after. 

    Tip#5: Bring extra money for snacks. Hotdogs are Php45 per stick. Believe me, you will get hungry in between rides. 

    The Magic Stays With You | #ILoveEK
    My daughter tried two kiddie rides- Dino-Soar-us and Stone Eggs. We went home at around 5PM. It took us approximately 1.5 hours to reach Manila via Skyway, just in time to have dinner at our all-time favorite restaurant- Yutaka Izakaya. 

    June 2019 Park Schedule
    • June 3-9, 2019- Mon & Tues CLOSED; Wed to Fri 12:00PM-7:00PM; Sat & Sun 11:00AM-9:00PM
    • June 10-30, 2019- Mon to Thurs-CLOSED; Fri 12:00PM-7:00PM; Sat & Sun 11:00AM-9:00PM
    *June 5, 2019 Eid'l Fitr (weekday rates apply) 12:00PM-7:00PM
    *June 12, 2019 (Independence Day) CLOSED

    Enchanted Kingdom is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna | +63 2 5843535

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