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Cuddle to Sleep Baby

Saturday is a sleepover night! My daughter sleeps on my bed every Saturday night. She looks forward to it because she loves to cuddle to sleep. When she woke up the next day, she requested for me to take her to a trampoline park. Who can resist those eyes 👀? I know I can't 💓. Also, I count it as a treat for her because she did well in her First Quarterly Exams.

Jump Yard Experience

photo taken at the Foam Pit

We have been to Trampoline Park twice so I decided to check out Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park in Frontera Verde Complex just beside Fun Ranch. I used Waze app to get there. I was happy when I saw a vacant parking slot just right outside the venue. There's only a limited number of slots available so I felt really lucky 👏.

Jump Yard was a long drive from where we live. My daughter was still taking her nap when we arrived so I let her sleep inside the car while I proceeded to the second floor to inquire about slots for jumpers. On a side note, I tried calling their contact number (+63 2 544 0703) but I can't get through so we were taking our chance as walk-in guests.

I was told to go to the third level to register and sign the waiver. After that I went back to the second level đŸ˜’ to pay for the Entrance Fee.

  • Monday to Thursday- Php250/hour/jumper  (Yellow wristband)
  • Friday to Sunday including Holidays- Php 350/hour/jumper (Pink wristband)
  • Guardian/Watcher- Php 100/hour allowed only at the platform

smiley photo at Jump Yard

Jump Attire: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Grip socks available for an extra Php 100/pair

  • My daughter got a tiny scratch from landing on her back. I should have tucked her shirt in as a precaution. 

    Tip #1: When landing on your back, put your arms across your chest (cross position). Don't use your arms to support your fall, it might lead to more serious injury. 

    Things to Bring: 
    • Bring extra clothes
    • Towel
    • Water bottle
    Water bottles are not allowed inside the arena. You can place it on top of the cubby hole for shoes near the entrance to the arena. You may change clothes at the toilet area. Jump Yard has a Family Room where you and your kids can change in one cubicle. 

    Whenever my daughter and I go out, we are with my parents and sometimes with my sister. While my daughter and I are inside the arena, my parents and sister were at the second level, air-conditioned Lounge area. They ordered food and drinks while waiting for us. There's a locker rental for a fee but I forgot to ask how much because I left all our belongings with my companions. 

    Age Limit
    • Children below 3 years old are not allowed inside the arena.
    • Children ages 3-5 years old are only allowed to jump in the Toddler area.
    • For children below 9 years of age, adult companion is required. 
    Height and Weight Limit

    • Olympic Trampolines can only accommodate jumpers who are taller than 48" (1.2m)
    • Each trampoline can safely take a maximum of 150kg (300lbs.)

    • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled jump
    • Jump schedules are (9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am etc.)
    • Watch the safety video
    • Follow the warm up exercise before jumping
    • one trampoline, one jumper ONLY!
    Open Jump Trampolines

    Jumpers are required to proceed to Open Jump Trampolines first for a 5-minute warm up. 

    Open Jump Trampolines on left; Foam Pit on right
    Foam Pit

    hanging on Swinging Foam Bags that ain't swinging 😆!
    • Swinging Foam Bags
    • Monkey Bars
    • Wall Climbing
    • Balance Beams that was mistaken as a rest area 😂
    Dodge Ball

    My daughter spent a lot of time in the Dodge Ball area and the Open Jump Trampolines. She tried her luck at the Slam Dunk Basketball but failed to shoot a ball 😓 She didn't bother to check out the Toddler Section because well, it's for babies 😝 She didn't meet the minimum height requirement in the Olympic Trampolines so she skipped that as well. 

    She had so much fun jumping and splitting her legs up in the air. I guess she really wants to be a gymnast someday 👌 

    Jump Yard Party Package
    • 10 tickets for 1 hour jumping time inside the arena
    • 10 pairs of grip socks
    • Food and drinks for 10 pax
    • 3 hours party time (1 hour for jumping and 2 hours for eating AFTER the jump session)
    • E-vites to Jump Party
    • Party Coordinator
    • Reserved tables/section, set-up included

    Php 7,000- good for 10 guests Monday to Thursday
    Php 8,000- good for 10 guests Friday to Sunday including Holidays
    Additional guests follow the regular rate

    *Food-Nachos, Chicken Crunchies, Party Spaghetti, S'mores.
    *Drink- Iced Tea
    *Food and Drink- Php 3,500 for every 10 persons or order from a la carte menu

    Jump Yard is located at the following branches:
    • Frontera Verde Complex | +63 2  544 0703   0908 472 0031   0915 618 2183
    • Paseo Las Palmas Jose Abad Santos Ave., San Fernando, Pampanga | 0939 766 9699   0995 911 2039 

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