Manila Ocean Park Review 2019 | Entrance Fee + Packages + What To Do + What To Bring

My daughter's school field trip was rescheduled on the last day of school. It was originally scheduled on April 23rd but the earthquake of a magnitude-6.1 occurred the day before so the activity was cancelled.

She joined field trips twice before during her preschool years but this year, it is more exciting because she will be alone (without mommy!) in the bus together with all her classmates. Only teachers and parent volunteers (PVs) are allowed to ride with them on the bus.

caught her smiling at the entrance of Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park | 9 Attractions:
  • The Barnyard
  • Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter
  • Fish Spa
  • Jellies
  • Oceanarium
  • Trails to Antartica
  • Supertoy Collection
  • World of Creepy Crawlies
  • Birds of Prey Kingdom

I was with two other moms when we met our children at the entrance of Manila Ocean Park. I can't help it, I have to go there myself to check on my daughter's safety, remember, the earthquake happened just a few weeks back. I don't want to risk any chance so I bought an extra ticket from the school tour operator for Php 550. My wristband covers all 9 Manila Ocean Park attractions included in the kids' itinerary as well. 

Manila Ocean Park | Things to Bring

  • Water
  • Cap/Hat
  • Change of Clothes
  • Towel
  • Money

The kids had an early lunch at school after their periodical exam and before boarding the bus. When they arrived at 12 noon, they were all very eager to start with the tour. First stop, The Barnyard. Hmmm... I can't say much about this section because I only saw a few animals. I didn't get to take a photo because of the heat... ugh! There was a ramp going to another section but since my daughter was together with a group, she was not able explore that area. Plus, she came to the barn a little late because she had to pee hahaha When she returned everyone was already assembling to go to the next stop- Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter. 

Joining a tour gives you just a glimpse of the attractions because there is limited time allotted per section. There are 9 attractions that they need to discover so I guess that is just fine. We can always go back some other time together with other family members. 

Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter

Aside from Barnyard, another outdoor activity is Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter. Each child was able to gently touch a Stingray. The body was cold and smooth. Half of its body was out of the water, I don't know if that is comfortable with the sea creature. Maybe not...!

Fish Spa

I was kind of grossed out when I saw the fishes. They looked like they were all well-fed 👅 because they were kinda huge for fish spa ; p A few kids dared to put their feet in the pool but the rest of the children were just onlookers. 

It's important to have a towel ready for the kid's wet feet, an alcohol (if you want to sanitize before putting back the socks/shoes on) and extra clothes just in case they get too close to the water. 

Jellies Exhibit

There is one section that's entirely reserved for jellyfishes or more known as "dancing sea fairies". The room was air-conditioned but it was dark inside so I don't have a single photo. Jellies were in separate cylindrical tanks with different colorful lighting to attract visitors.


Oceanarium's main feature is the 220° curved walkway tunnel. You can view sea creatures swimming overhead. It's really nice to see how close these marine creatures are to the visitors. 

Trails to Antartica

I am impressed that the Philippines' Manila Ocean Park has its own penguin facility. Even though we just walk-through the exhibit area (you have to pay an extra Php 500 for a close encounter and photo op), it's still amazing to see that somehow these Humboldt penguins are able to exist in our tropical country. It's also good to know that not only they are able to exist, Manila Ocean Park now has a total of 13 baby penguins that hatched inside the park. How awesome is that!

Supertoy Collection

We saw a man in cape, Superman, I guessed we were not allowed to take photo as we were ushered right to the exhibit area where we see the Jeepney hanging above us. Luckily, my daughter's group were able to have their photo taken before the other groups came.  

Separate admissions to the ball pits and I think the photo-op with Superman. I didn't get the admission rate though. 

World of Creepy Crawlies

I found a photo of this turtle along with the other photos in my phone. I guess this turtle belongs here in the creepy crawlies section or am I wrong?!

Birds of Prey Kingdom

Birds of Prey Kingdom is a bird sanctuary in the midst of a city. It's one of Manila Ocean Park's latest attractions featuring the Brahminy Kites (Haliastur indus)) locally known as Lawin in Tagalog.

Bring extra cash for souvenirs! Whenever we go to parks here and in other countries, my daughter always brings home stuffed animals. We bought an owl (Php 320) this time around. It's now part of her toy collection. The kids are tired but they surely had fun. It took the whole 3 hours to finish all 9 attractions. My daughter can't wait for the next school field trip!

Manila Ocean Park | Entrance Fee/Rate/Promos 2019 (until May 31, 2019 only)
  • Manilenos get tickets for as low as Php 475 
  • Free tickets for birthday celebrants with three (3) paying guests- Marine Voyage Php2,985/4 pax; Sea Breeze Express Php2,385/4 pax
  • Ocean Madness 5 Php 650 
  • Deep Sea Rush 6 Php 595
  • Sea Breeze Express 12 Php 795
  • Marine Voyage 15 Php 995

Price quoted is per head unless stated otherwise. Numbers beside the package indicates the number of attractions included. 

Manila Ocean Park | Encounters
  • Aquanaut Php 995
  • Shark & Rays Swim Encounter Php 550
  • Mermaid Swim Experience Php 350
  • Be a Sea Lion Trainer Php 800

Manila Ocean Park | Operating Hours
  • Weekdays 10AM -8PM
  • Weekends/Holidays 9AM-8PM

Manila Ocean Park Luneta Manila Philippines | +63 2 2386172    +63 2 2386174 |

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